Strategic Plan


   Our strategic plan for 2020-2023 outlines our plans to continue to provide a rigorous educational experience and to engage all students in high-impact learning opportunities.

   As part of its strategic plan, The Department of English is committed to pursuing, prioritizing, and focusing resources in ways that achieve the agreed-upon objectives and their entailments. Because the strategic plan is a working document, we as a department will revisit it periodically to assess whether any changes are needed.

   The English Curriculum is challenging, integrative and exploratory with varied teaching and learning approaches. The students are drawn to learning by a caring, understanding and supportive teachers who understand and appreciate the unique developmental stage of our students. Hence, The English Department is dedicated to providing a safe and dynamic learning environment and that is why our strategic plan supports the students’ academic and socioemotional needs during this very intense period of change and development.

   Times have changed and so are the demands of our learners.

   Engaging our students with an interactive learning environment and technology is the key to successful ONLINE LEARNING. The English Department members are trying their best to build a rewarding teaching program that can help teachers and students grow. Doing so requires a combination of characteristics: expertise in lesson planning and assessment, adaptability in what learning can look like in a virtual space, and a belief in students’ ability to rise to a challenge with support.

   Technology is able to offer us the opportunities to make our courses more engaging and to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom. We plan to select and evaluate resources for rich and interactive teaching and learning experiences.

   We wish our students an exciting journey as they explore these opportunities.


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