Official examinations

Our preparation for official examinations     image

At  Collège de la Sagesse-St Jean Brasilia, we prepare students in  Secondary classes:

  • to  the English of the French Baccalaureat  LV1-LV2 ( langue vivante/ modern language)
  • to develop specific skills and strategies that lead to a more efficient presentation of the T.O.E.F.L (Test of English as a Foreign Language ),
  •  for SAT 1, in partnership with Amideast whose expertise in teaching students is ideally suited to give them a solid foundation for SAT success.

The SAT is the most commonly used standard exam in undergraduate admissions for American universities in Lebanon. Our program is offered at the school, the perfect environment to keep our students’ academic motivation high. Students work with an experienced instructor to hone their ability in the SAT skills of Critical Reading, Writing, and Math. Practice exams allow instructors to analyze students’ abilities and familiarize students with the test format and strategies, especially that potential scholarship are tied in with the test score.