Academic Goals

Academic Goals


To stimulate students’ interests in learning English.

To provide students with a genuine and purposeful environment to enhance their English Language proficiency.

To adopt a learner-centered curriculum which aims at improving students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, thus integrating the productive and receptive skills. Also, to develop a good vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar of the language.

To provide students with a wide range of learning experiences to use English both inside and outside the classroom.

To promote strategies and attitudes that are conducive to self-learning.

To help students appreciate English Language and culture through the promotion of language arts.

To cater for learner diversity through developing diversified and graded learning tasks and activities.

To develop students’ confidence in using English for classroom communication through collaborative learning, role-play and group discussions.

To develop students’ generic skills through project work.

To qualify every student for entrance into colleges /universities around the world.

To promote critical dialogue among teachers so as to improve teaching efficiency.

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